Men's Results

Thursday 6.12.18

  • Stableford Division 1: T. Sweeney 39, C. Dean 37, R Third 36, T. Donovan 34, C. Christie 34
  • Division 2: J. Aitchison 40, D. Mettrick 38, R. Veall 38, R. Kelly 37, R. Fletcher 36
  • Twos: C. Dean x2, J. Aitchison, R. Kelly, V. Richardson, N. Mackie, A. Abrahams
  • Nearest to pin: R. Fletcher

Saturday 8.12.18

  • Stableford Division 1: F. Ball 40, T. Donovan 38, J. Situ 38, N. Richardson 38
  • Division 2: C. Christie 42, D. Bush 41, B. Read 40, C. Poole 38
  • Twos: A. Hayward x2, B. Morrissey, G. Brown, F. Ball 
  • Jackpot: A. Hayward 
  • Nearest to pin: G. Brown

Sunday 9.12.18 

  • Stableford Division 1: P. Anderson 43, T. Goldsmith 42, M. Jefferson 39, D. Patumaka 39
  • Division 2: K. Daniels 40, D. Pirimona 40, C. Christie 39, B. Talbot 39 
  • Twos: P. Kerekere x2, M. Mulrooney, C. Christie, T. Goldsmith, L. Hewson
  • Nearest to pin: P. Anderson 
  • Jackpot: P. Kerekere 



Shootout Final Results:

  • 1: Brown, Willie
  • 2: Sweeny, Tuki
  • 3: Jeune, Simon
  • 4: Smith, Murray
  • 5: Burnside, Glenn
  • 6: Allen, Bill
  • 7: Richardson, Vance
  • 8: Abrahams, Andy
  • 9: Clayton, Peter
  • 10: Payne, Basil
  • 11: Skuse, Roy
  • 12: Van Helden, John
  • 13: Willock, Sam
  • 14: Clapham, Gray
  • 15: Taewa, Chris
  • 16: Thompson, Warwick
  • 17: Dean, Clive
  • 18: Kelly, Roger
  • 19: Talbot, Bruce

Winner Willie Brown and
runner-up Tiki Sweeney.


Your club needs new members. Here’s how you can help.

Find a friend, family member or someone you know of who has expressed an interest in playing golf.

Introduce that person as your Golf Buddy and he or she can play golf and use club facilities for two months TOTALLY FREE with no obligations.

The inaugural Golf Buddy period starts on December 1 and lasts until January 31.

* The idea is to help your Golf Buddy become comfortable with golf so that they will decide to become a fee paying club member.

Ask at Pro Shop or any committee member for details.



Men's Committe for 2018-2019 season:

  • Club Captain – John Van Helden
  • Deputy Cub Captain – Anaru Reedy
  • Larry Foster
  • Peter Clayton
  • Gray Clapham
  • Glenn Burnside
  • Mark Hunt


PLACING: We have listened to the members and placing is now in place. 6 inch placing on own mown fairway.

SAND BOXES: Please take time to assist, please take a bucket from the 1st or 10th to fill divots. 3. Please adhere to new signage on the 17th tee with regards to safety of others. A more permanent solution is being sourced.


Greenkeeper's Report

There has been some discussion about the rough lately. The question has been asked, when do we cut it down? The answer is, from the start of December all the rough will be cut.

Each year we selectively spray the rough to control grass weeds. We allow the fine grass (Vulpia hair grass) to grow because of its characteristics – i.e fine texture, easy to find balls and play out of (compared to other grasses in the rough). Allowing this grass to grow and reproduce is a cost effective way of improving turf quality. Because it is an annual grass it starts to die off once it has reproduced. This process is usually completed in the start of summer. The seed lies dormant until most germinate in autumn. Most golf courses have rough consisting of ryegrass, rats tail or tussock type grass which is very tough to play out of and expensive to manage. We are very fortunate to have such a desirable grass growing naturally on our course.

Bunker faces. As you may already know, we have a valuable resource in the triangle, our sand quarry. We use the sand to top dress or greens and to top up our bunkers. Because the sand is so fine that blows it out of the bunkers causing undercutting and erosion around the edges. To combat this we have reshaped many bunkers and grown grass in the faces. We oversow the bunkeer faces in spring with a mixture of fescue grass. We allow these grasses to become established and anchored to the bunker face before we cut them down short. It also gives the mature plants time to produce seed and grow new roots.

James Walker/Course Superintendent



Par and sub par gross scores this year:

Andrew Higham 64

William Brown 65

Anaru Reedy 66

Peter Kerekere 67

Peter Anderson 69

Tess McDonald 70

Simon Jeune 71

Stefan Andreasson 71

Allan White 72

Brent Colbert 72

Peter Clayton 72

Tene Goldsmith 72


Women's Notices

Women's Regular Golf Days:

Tuesday/Wednesday starting 8.30am.

Saturday 12.30pm or contact the Pro Shop for a start time.

9 hole golf Wednesday – 10am start.


Twilight Golf

Every Wednesday until 21 December 2018, then 2 January 2019 to 3 April 2019. From 3pm. Nine holes. $6 entry


Women’s Committee for 2018-2019 season:

  • Women's President Leigh Fletcher
  • Women’s Vice Presidents Vicki Fraser & Marg Colebourne
  • Women’s Club Captain Viv Bell
  • June Mackinnon
  • Karen Crosby
  • Jennifer Alderson
  • Odette Thompson
  • Marg Lane
  • Jan Utting
  • Jan Steele
  • Verna Harnett
  • Anne Gremmell




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